致香港家書 A letter to Hong Kong

致香港家書 A letter to Hong Kong
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為了這個目標,在今次選舉中,各黨派與民間團體空前團結,我們走遍九龍西 27 條屋邨,逐家逐戶拜訪;我們在社區毅行,每一步都帶著希望和實踐的精神;我們的義工在區內貼數以萬計的海報,但大家未必見到,因為夜裡就被撕走,大量宣傳橫額也被破壞。不過義工們沒有放棄!希望大家也是。

面對明裡暗裡的攻擊,我必須告訴大家,有輸掉這次選舉的可能。但我懇請大家不要失望、不要氣餒。自從 89 年六四事件後,我在北京被拘禁,親歷民主運動的挫折,到 90 年代爭取全面直選、集體談判權;回歸後,2003 年反對 23 條立法、反高鐵、反國教等抗爭,還有多次工運;我與香港人一起走過高山低谷,同喜同悲,小勝不驕,挫敗也不放棄,只要有我能盡力的地方,我就撐到底!

各位朋友,我們還有很多仗要打,阻擋 23 條立法,阻擋大陸式貪腐侵蝕香港,阻擋向中共進行利益輸送的一萬億「明日大嶼」﹔我們還有很多帳要算︰沙中線工程失誤、標準工時、全民退休保障。我們能在議會多一席,就多一分力量。



2018 年 11 月 24 日


A Letter to Hong Kong

24 November 2018

Dear Hongkongers,

Carrying the people’s hope, I am entrusted with the mission to run in the Kowloon West by-election on behalf of Lau Siu-lai. This is a very difficult election – a battle between hope and despair.

After the Umbrella Movement, the government started its political persecution: young people became political prisoners, six legislators’ seats were stripped away. Hong Kong people’s freedom of expression is disappearing day by day. Human rights and rule of law are under threat. The government is losing its governance ability and giving away the high level of autonomy we were once promised. The dawn of a draconian government made us feel depressed and powerless.

Seeing the crackdown on the young people who care about society, some feel disappointed with the democrats, some choose to leave the front line, some don’t even want to vote. As much as everyone else, I grieved for Hong Kong’s fall. But we can’t lose our ambition despite the worries. To save Hong Kong, we will have to pull ourselves together!

What we are fighting for is beyond a seat in the LegCo, we are also fighting for our dignity!

To achieve this goal, the political parties and civil society work in solidarity in this election. We visited every household in 27 public housing estates. We walked through communities, putting the spirit of hope into our every step. Our volunteers put up tens of thousands of posters in the area, but you may not have seen them because they were taken down at night, in addition to the destruction of tens of thousands promotional banners. But our volunteers did not give up! We hope you won’t give up either.

Facing attacks all around, I have to tell you that we might lose this election. But I hope that you won’t lose hope, you won’t be beaten down. During the Tiananmen massacre in 1989, I was detained in Beijing and experienced the frustration of the democratic movement. In the 90s, I fought for universal suffrage, and collective bargaining power. After the handover, I participated in the struggle against the legislation for Article 23 in 2003, the express railway, and “national education”. I also supported the labour movement. I walked side by side with the Hong Kong people, through ups and downs. Together, we shared the happiness and sadness. We aren’t arrogant when we win, we aren’t discouraged when we lose. Anywhere I can help, I will always be there!

To my fellow friends, we still have a lot of fights ahead: the fight against Article 23, the fight against mainland corruption in Hong Kong, the fight against the trillion-dollar Artificial Island for transferring benefits to CCP. We still have a lot of injustice unaddressed: the Shatin-Central Link scandal, standard working hours, universal pension. If we have one more seat in the legislature, we will have a little more power.

We may not be able to alter the current situation in the short term. But we should have the spirit to never surrender. Hong Kong is our home. If we stand in solidarity, your vote is a rebuke to the authoritarian government, lighting the hope for Hong Kong!

Keep faith, someday the world will respond. Each of us lights a candle. Where there is light, there is hope.

Lee Cheuk-yan