Tell Right from Wrong, True from False- Election Platform

The Only Pan-Democrat Candidate

Fight for democracy and freedom
Strive for better living and decent work
Build a stronger civil society
Say No to mainlandisation

Hong Kong People Ruling Hong Kong

  • Restart political reform to implement universal suffrage
  • Defend the high degree of autonomy, and fight against CCP’s intervention in HKSAR

Hold the government accountable

  • Use the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance to open investigation into Shatin to Central Link
  • Safeguard the independence and autonomy of the legislature

Defend the rule of law

  • Stop enactment of Article 23, stop national anthem law, defend free speech
  • Keep the branches of government separate to safeguard judicial independence

Take care of the elderly

  • Push forward universal pension
  • Increase community care services, regulate elderly homes, and shorten the waiting time

Fair payment of workers

  • Legislate standard working hours, and collective bargaining rights
  • Fight for 14-week maternity leave and family-friendly policies

Right to housing

  • Build more public rental housing and Home Ownership Scheme housing, provide adequate housing for everyone
  • Regulate property speculation by non-Hong Kong residents

Health care

  • Increase health care funding, solve the shortage of frontline staff
  • Assist patients with rare diseases, strengthen support for caretakers

Sustainable development

  • Stop building “white elephant” projects, practice democratic planning
  • Prioritize development on idle land, assess actual needs, and avoid destruction of nature

Happy learning

  • Cancel the unnecessary TSA and practice
  • Increase funded seats in universities, reduce the burden of student loans

Diversified economy

  • Promote community-based economy, support development of markets
  • Support diverse industries, create green jobs